APS Chapters Pilot Program FAQ

  1. How do I start a chapter at my organization?

    1. Identify five graduate students and early career scientists attending/doing research who are APS members and are interested in being involved in your chapter

    2. Identify a faculty/staff member at your organization to serve as your chapter advisor

    3. Complete the APS Chapter application

  2. What is the deadline to apply for a pilot chapter?
    July 16, 2021

  3. How will organizations be chosen to participate in the pilot APS Chapters program?
    A diverse group of organizations will be chosen for the pilot program so that there is fair representation from all organizations.

  4. How long will the review process take?
    Once received, applications will be reviewed and chapters within a few weeks.

  5. What is the governing structure for a chapter?
    All information related to governance can be found in APS Chapter Governance.

  6. Are all APS Chapter members required to be members of the APS?
    No, not all chapter members are required to be APS members. To be in good standing, a chapter must have at minimum five individuals who are members of the APS. All chapter officers must be members of the APS.

  7. Can non-APS members join an APS Chapter?
    Yes! However, non-APS members are not eligible to hold a position as a Chapter Officer or to receive APS Chapters grants or awards.

  8. Do chapters owe dues to the APS?
    No, APS will not collect dues from chapters.

  9. Can my organization have more than one APS Chapter?
    No. Each organization can only have one APS Chapter associated with it.

  10. What is required for an APS Chapter to be in good standing?

    1. At least five chapter members who are members of the APS

    2. Faculty/staff advisor who is a member of the APS

    3. Chapters must hold at least one event per semester (excluding fall 2020)

    4. Chapters must submit an annual report to the APS

  11. What will be required in the annual report?

    1. Results of chapter elections

    2. A brief synopsis of chapter-related activities

    3. Acknowledgement of APS Chapters Governance

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Farah Dawood
APS Chapters Program Manager