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Event date: 01-12-2016

Place: Fundación Cudeca

Organize by: Fundación Cudeca

Aims to raise 20.000€

Raised 10.121€


We are Noemi and Luis, doctor and nurse of one of the six medical teams from the home care programme at Cudeca Hospice. 

Our team works in the Valle del Guadalhorce, Málaga.  We care for patients suffering from advanced and non-curable illnesses, which includes total support to the family. Today our first stop is to visit Juan whose pain has become more severe, and his wife Mercedes needs us to explain the actual treatment. After that we are going to visit Mary, an elderly woman who lives alone and who called us yesterday saying she would like to speak to us about something which is worrying her. Finally, we are going to see Aurora, a young woman age 31, whom we are visiting for the first time together with the local nurse. In the afternoon we will attend to new patients in the out-patients department of our Hospice in Benalmádena and we are also available for any patient who may need to contact us.


At Cudeca Hospice there are 8 doctors, 14 nurses, 6 auxiliary nurses, 4 psychologists,
2 social workers, 1 physiotherapist and more than 101 qualified volunteers
looking after more than 1,100 patients a year within the province of Malaga, totally free of cost. 

We feel privileged to be able to care for and accompany patients and their family members at such a crucial time in their life.  It is our vocation.  We feel very recompensed in what we do and we would like to continue caring. This is why, if you can, we would appreciate your support with a one off donation or by becoming a member of Cudeca:


To continue CARING for anyone who may need our help.


To continue RESPONDING to the needs of our patients and their family members.


To continue GIVING the maximum comfort to patients and their family members. 


To continue to FACILITATING a dignified life to the end.


To continue SUPPORTING those who are giving care during and after the illness. 


In all, to enable us to continue ADDING more life to days.


If you are already supporting us, we thank you and simply ask you to spread the word of this message.  There are thousands of families in Málaga who are suffering the effects of cancer and who are not aware of our work.  

P.S.: To give you an idea of how important your help is, to care for a patient at home costs an average of 1,000 euros, which includes attendance by a doctor, nurse, psychologist and social worker.

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  • Anónimo 100€
  • Sampoker2727 Aunty Jo 200€
  • Graham H 100€
  • Thomas & Pei Ching In the memory of David Nicholson 50€
  • Ruth A la memoria de Joe King 40€
  • Greg Peck For care of my husband, Greg Peck in Cudeca 1000€
  • Jan&Åsa In loving memory of Frank 100€
  • Anónimo Given in memory of my husband Michael John Whittley who died on 17 September 2016. Fortunately we haven´t needed your services but know of others who have and have been very grateful. 560€
  • Anónimo 50€
  • Anónimo 10€
  • anónimo 200€
  • Charlie Thank you for everything you are doing for my amazing Aunty Joanne Furnell!! 5€
  • Michelle Thank you 25€
  • Anónimo Comment 100€
  • Siska R.I.P. Greg Peck. Thanks for having taking care of this nice man. 20€
  • Mickey Para aquell@s que lo necesitan 30€
  • Sampoker2727 Aunty Jo 100€
  • Anónimo 20€
  • Anónimo GRACIAS 50€
  • Peggy 50€
  • Rafa Adelante! 10€
  • Angel Yo sumo, ¿y tú? 5€

If you have any problem making your donation or you wish to contact us you can do it at 952 56 49 10 or pr@cudeca.org


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